Taking Stock

So here we are, 2018.

Among other things, this is the year I become the mother of two. In just a few short weeks. For all practical purposes I am the mother of two already. I have to feed both kids, deal with them waking me up during the night, and they both enjoy the occasional kick to the ribs. I went to my doctor's appointment and the number one thing he told me to do was slow down, which fits nicely into my theme of "savor" for the year, but does nothing to truly calm the stress level of being nearly 9 months pregnant while chasing a toddler.

One of the things I am doing to try to get a handle on my stress level is take stock of my WIPs. I've frogged a few things that have languished for far too long, and I unearthed a few that I had forgotten about.

All Points South.png

This is my All Points South, which you have never seen because right after I cast it on I got distracted by the Half Moon Oracle. Fortunately that was my last FO of 2017 and I am hoping to get it blocked this week. I was thinking about casting on another shawl but now I think that will just have to wait because this has recaptured my interest.

Big Sister WIP 1.png

And then there's my Big Sister, which I desperately want but for some reason stopped knitting back in October. It's so cold and none of my clothes fit anymore, so I feel really motivated to work on it again.

I'm also slowly gathering yarn to wind for projects to have at the ready for when Stormy gets here. I got so much knitting done when Pasha was an infant because we went through a time when he'd only sleep while being held. I know every baby is different, but I am going to be prepared this time if it happens again. Starting with these lovelies I got for Christmas. 

Tread wip.png

Though, if I'm being honest, I may have already started knitting one. Oops!

A Sweater for SAFF?

Last week I got this crazy idea into my head.

I've had Big Sister by Kate Oats in the all-but-cast-on stage for a while, which she just republished under her new design line, so I decided to go ahead and get that on the needles. It's my last sweater quantity (I KNOW!) in the stash and so I had put it off for a while. But I want the big cozy sweater to wear once Stormy gets here, so cast on I did. Suddenly I was gripped by this insane idea that I could have it done before SAFF.

Big Sister WIP 1.png

I blame the fact that Rhinebeck fever is in the air, so all the knitting blogs/podcasts/whatever are chatting about finishing their Rhinebeck Sweaters. I want to knit a big fun sweater for a fiber event. That sounds great! No, Faith it doesn't. Because you are not going to Rhinebeck, you are going to SAFF, which will inevitably be 70+ degrees if you knit a sweater. Because it is in North Carolina and Summer still has its grip on us.

Still I pressed on and was making great progress until we had a family bout of the stomach bug (on my birthday I might add), when the idea of picking up my needles just did not appeal to me. So now it's less than two weeks and I'm really short on time. There is no reason for me to continue trying to finish this before SAFF, for all the reasons above plus the fact I still need to finish Pasha's sweater for our family pictures which are the weekend after we get back. And I have Halloween sewing to finish. And I have a few hats on the go and a SAFF hat makes more sense anyway.

So there is no reason to call this my SAFF sweater, right?


Just Can't Win

Good news first:

I didn't run out of yarn!

Yes, that's right. Somehow I managed to eek out a neckband and all of the seams with just the little bit of yarn I had left. Huzzah!

But then -- BUT THEN! I had Chris try it on and I wanted to cry.

It's too big. He says the body fits fine though I think it's a tad long, but the big problem is the sleeves. Those blasted sleeves that I already shortened to account for my yardage. They are too long. Like way too long. That's a double rolled cuff we've got there.

So I have a few options. I can live with it, which is Chris' thought. He's fine with a rolled sleeve, but it bothers me to no end. So that's out. I could cut the sleeves and reknit the ribbing, which is something I've actually done before. I'm fairly confident that if I had an afternoon to myself I could make it work for sure. However there is a baby running around the house, so that could get rather complicated.

Which leaves us with option three -- the dryer. I've never intentionally put a hand knit in the dryer, but I know that it is a method used to shorten sweaters that have stretched too far. Will it work? I don't know. I'll have to do some research. Anyone have some suggestions?

For what it's worth, I've vowed to never sub yarn weights again. NEVER!

Autumn Dreaming

Temperatures might be in the upper 90s,

but I am already dreaming of Fall. You could blame the Brighton Pullover for this. I went from complacent knitter to full on sweater knitter. Not only am I working on Brighton for Chris, but I'm also halfway through an Avery Vest for Pasha out of some gorgeous Fiberspates

and a Chuck for myself.

This is actually my second Chuck. I knit one three years ago out of some prized Quince and Co and loved it. It turned into my favorite sweater during my first pregnancy because it enabled me to keep wearing dresses that were no longer work appropriate as my body changed faster than my wardrobe. I can still wear it right now, but since my bust size changed dramatically and I only anticipate it changing more, I decided to knit another in a larger size.

I cast it on last week right before Pasha and I left to go visit my parents for a long weekend. They live right on the edge of the path of totality for the solar eclipse on Monday, so we got to drive out to my mom's school and see over 99% of it, which was pretty cool. My favorite part was how low the temperature dropped. Maybe because I'm so tired of this heat?

If you look closely you can almost see the shadow of the eclipse through the clouds

If you look closely you can almost see the shadow of the eclipse through the clouds

Somehow, despite chasing Pasha everywhere (because OMG he's walking!), I managed to knit almost the entire body of the sweater. It's amazing how fast worsted weight knits up compared to fingering or sport weight. I got through the start of the bottom ribbing before I ran out of the yarn that I already balled up. I would probably already be on the sleeves if I would go get another skein to wind up but let's be honest. That's too much work right now.

Chuck Cables WIP.png

Are you an Autumn fanatic? Have you already started planning your cold weather knits or are you still holding tight to summer?

Still Knitting

Despite what my Instagram may lead you to believe

I am still knitting. I've been working on a few small gifts, but mostly I've been devoted to my Boho Blush.

I am almost done with the first of my three skeins of Yarn On The House Little Brother in Honeydew Melon . My knitting brain cannot fathom why I am not farther along, but it probably has something to do with this.

Pasha has come out the other side of some major teething, which brought with it a hefty dose of separation anxiety. As I write this he is currently five feet away from me pulling all of my Soviet history texts off of their bookshelf and it is the farthest away he has let me be in days. We spend a lot of time cuddling and a lot of time chasing one another around the floor, but this leaves little time for pulling out a growing shawl.

What you might not realize is that contrary to how it appears at first glance, Boho Blush is actually a very easy shawl. Each section is very simple to memorize and clearly laid out so that if you have to drop it to pull your child out of the dog bowl it's not detrimental to your progress. We leave soon to spend a week with my parents prepping for my sister's wedding (squeak!) next weekend, so I am hoping to put a significant dent in it.

After all, the siren call of all these lovely fabrics won't be able to reach me there!