Half Moon Oracle

It's been a long time since I've had an FO for me to share with you

or at least one that's not socks. Last week I was cleaning out some nooks and crannies around the house and I stumbled across a project bag with a fully completed shawl inside. I cannot for the life of me remember when I finished my Half Moon Oracle but I feel pretty confident it was right before Vanya was born. All it needed was the ends woven in and a good blocking. That's it! It was like I left myself a little surprise hiding out in my bedroom.

Color A:  Gracelynn Wool , Happee Birthday  Color B: random stash I can't remember  Color C:  Spun Right Round , Fairies Wear Big Boots

Color A: Gracelynn Wool, Happee Birthday

Color B: random stash I can't remember

Color C: Spun Right Round, Fairies Wear Big Boots

I love the way this shawl turned out so much. I'll be 100% honest, when I added in the Spun Right Round I was suddenly certain I'd made a huge mistake but at the same time I was not interested in ripping back so I just decided to press on and see where things ended up. The end result is so springy and happy that I cannot believe I almost changed it.

The only thing holding me back from knitting another is the monstrous stitch count at the end. I already have one giant shawl on the needles so I think I need to wait until I finish. At the same time, I love shawls over my tshirts and tank tops when I'm outside playing with the boys, so maybe I'll put one together to cast on next.

Fading In

I bet you thought this day would never come.

I know I didn't. But it did. It has. *drumroll please*

I finished my fade!

This shawl is so big I had to block it on our deck because there was not enough space in our house unless I wanted to have it going down the stairs.

And as you can see it is nearly impossible to get a photo of the entire shawl spread out (at least while also wrangling a baby).

I'm really proud of this shawl not only because it was so big, but also because it exclusively used yarns from my stash. A lot of these were either one-off colors that I had purchased without a plan or club colorways that had not told me what they wanted to be. There is even a skein in here that I dyed myself with kool-aid a few years ago.

But what are these fabulous yarns? Let me tell you.

Color A: Femme Fatale Fibers, Siren Fingering, Dumbledore's Cloak (discontinued)

Color B: Voolenvine Yarns, Strasse Sock, Neptunia. 

Color C: Lefthand Lass, Sock Ready, Claw Foot Tub.

Color D: Oh! Loops, Ascot, Butterflies in My Head

Color E: Kool-aid dyed Knit Picks

Color F: Lolo Did It, Everyday Sock, I Love Rock N Roll

Color G: Spartickes Dyes, Will and Grace Sock, Tell Me About it Stud

I absolutely love how these color combinations turned out. I'll be honest, I started feeling hesitant around the fifth color change, but I decided that I was this far along I might as well see it through and I am so glad that I did. I am not really much of a pink person. I exist most comfortably in the teal/seafoam/mint range, so it was awesome to use skeins I loved with skeins I was at a loss for and find something that will probably go with everything.

As for the pattern itself, I think the fact that I have already cast on another Andrea Mowry shawl tells you all you need to go. Her directions are clear and the shawl is broken down into sections so that you can more easily keep track of where you are in the pattern. As someone who spends a lot of her time dropping her knitting to run after a little one I can tell you that this is super valuable. Once I got the lace rows sorted in my brain I was able to knit practically direction free with just a quick glance to verify my numbers.

Overall this was a huge win at a time when I'll take the smallest of victories. And as an added bonus, I don't appear to be its only fan.

Shawl Dreaming

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

As a child of a proud Pennsylvania Irish family growing up in a world of Scotch-Irish descendants, I've always had a weird association with St. Patrick's Day. On the one hand we have traced our roots directly back to Ireland, but on the other hand no one actually believed you were Irish if you went all out. It was the height of impostor syndrome and caused me to view the holiday with a bit of skepticism. But things may be changing.

This little guy is 10 months old today, so of course we had to deck him out in his best green. Which is when I realized that I am very low on green in my wardrobe. I have a sweater I knit a few years ago, but that's about it. I have a green shawl that has been waiting in the wings for a few months, but I'm really trying to be good and finish my Find Your Fade.

I'm in the final lace section so I need to just sit down, put on a few podcasts, and plow through.

But this -- this yarn is calling to me. I've had it slated for a Boho Blush ever since I saw teaser photos on Instagram, and I'm dying to cast on. I have visions of wearing it on the back deck in the early morning, wrapped up cozy with a book and a mug of coffee. Which I will immediately dip the gorgeous fringe into. As you do.

Oh screw it. If you'll excuse me I have some winding to do.

Pure Joy

I love the moment when I can finally reveal my secret knitting.

For the past month I have had a project in the works that I was unable to share because *surprise!* it was for my sister. 

You see, my sister is getting married next month and though she did not request a wedding shawl I could not let the occasion pass without some form of knitted acknowledgement.

Yesterday was her bridal shower, so it finally got the big unveiling. Pasha gave her a photo collage of them to go with it, which I think might have won the award for favorite gift. I'd be mad, but how can you compete with adorable baby? Especially one who tried so cleverly to sabotage my progress.

This was knit out of Life in the Long Grass Fingering in Coastal and Spun Right Round Superwash Sock in Float on By. I'm proud to say this was my first stash acquisition of 2017. You might remember that I am only buying yarn in person this year rather than online, which meant that I got to have a ton of fun in Warm N Fuzzy playing with all of the yarn trying to find the right color combo. These are an interpretation of her wedding colors rather than a literal representation.

Overall I really enjoyed this project. It was a lot of fun, the short rows kept things interesting, and the super long rows did not tire me out too much. At least not until the last wedge.

Oh, right, you might want to know the pattern name. This is Pure Joy by Joji Locatelli, chosen because her middle name is Joy. The more you know.


So even though it is deliciously warm these days

(deliciously warm? Seriously, who am I?), I did finish one final true winter item just in time to no longer need it -- my Onward shawl.

To recap, this is Onward by Shannon Cook knit out of Happy-Go-Lucky HGL Worsted in Salt Silo. The yarn was originally purchased for a cardigan, but I think it reached its true potential in this shawl. The white with blue and purple flecks matches pretty much my entire wardrobe, neutral without being boring. I've already picked out the pattern for a matching hat in my remaining yarn and have fond visions of myself wearing this while walking around the neighborhood with Pasha and Helo next winter.

This was my first worsted weight shawl and I must say that even though they are not a year round item here, I am a total convert. I've taken to keeping it in my car for the odd occasion that I find myself chilly and it has kept both Pasha and I quite cozy, doubling as a nursing cover in church last week.

Both the yarn and pattern gave a five star experience. Juri's yarn is a beautifully round and soft 100% merino. I am so glad I bought the sweater kit because it means I still have three skeins to play with (and that's after I knit Pasha's Elephant last week). I have several of Shannon Cook's patterns, but this is actually the first one I have knit and I completely understand her popularity. The pattern was super clear. There are no charts, but there is a nice note that once you get going things will become intuitive. And then they do and it becomes a comfort knit with just a bit of counting. I did not get it finished while we had our one snow last month, but it was the perfect thing to sit while curled up by the window with a mug of tea.

As much as I am enjoying our warm weather I am already looking forward to bundling up in this next winter. I might need to create an entire stash of worsted weight shawls to keep by the door for when I dash out to run errands or walk the dog. That wouldn't be overkill, right?