Comfort Fade Cardi

Is there anything better than a newly completed sweater?

You might disagree, but it’s gotten cold here in NC, so I’m thinking no.

Back in October I took the boys to SAFF with my mom (Pasha’s third visit, Vanya’s first). I knew we wouldn’t have much time to browse so I went in with one goal in mind — to buy the yarn for a Comfort Fade Cardi from Deep Dyed Yarns. Luckily we were the only people in her booth when we got there, so the lovely proprietress helped me pick out exactly what I was looking for.

I probably could have gotten away with knitting the medium instead of a large, but I like how cozy it is. Seriously, I’ve worn this sweater every day since it finished blocking. The yarn is a superwash base, so it did have a lot of extra drape when I blocked it. Luckily I noticed before it dried completely and popped it in the dryer for about ten minutes. Presto chango! it’s perfect!

The logistics — I used one skein of color A, two of B, two of C, and two of D. I have an extra skein of C, which I’m already trawling for a use for. I knit the boys DK weight sweaters for winter so I might try to find something that uses their leftovers as well.

It feels good to have my first FO of 2019 in the books and have it be something that I bought and knit within short order. Now to tackle the rest of the stash (or maybe order another sweater)!