Lessons, Loves, & Looking Forward

You guys, finding time and the motivation to write is near impossible these days.

I know, shocker. But in effort to keep from doing a boring “WAHHH I have two kids and my life is crazy” post all the time, I thought I’d try to introduce more structured posts that you can expect month to month. Maybe give it a few months before you expect it regularly? Yeah, ok. Let’s give it a shot.


My big lesson this month is that I really need to stay plugged in — not to technology or anything, but to my community. Be that getting our family out the door to church regularly, going to work at the book store once a week, or even just talking to my sister on the phone in that terrible witching hour that comes in the afternoon. Keeping regular and predictable contact with other adults is so important for my sanity. Plus, when I regularly talk to my sister I get to be a part of her crazy Alaska adventures from the comfort of my sunny Southern back yard :)




Ironically, my love this month is the complete opposite — I got to spend a weekend at home by myself!

I have never ever been home alone since Chris and I got married. But Vanya turns one in just a few days and Chris had some PTO burning a hole in his pocket, so he packed up the boys and took them to visit his parents. They got to have cool adventures like going to the aquarium (Pasha is now a shark enthusiast) and I got to stay in my pjs all day while organizing closets. Sounds boring, but have you tried to organize a closet while a small child pulls everything back out? Don’t worry, I also had fun. I read two books, took myself to Trader Joe’s, and all but finished knitting my sweater. It was a pretty great weekend.

Looking Forward

There are so many good books coming out in February — The Last Romantics, On the Come Up, The Psychology of Time Travel. But the one I cannot stop talking about is The Care and Feeding of Ravenously Hungry Girls by Anissa Gray.

I had the worst, most amazing book hangover after finishing this one. The Butler women crawled into my heart and made it impossible for me to leave. Gray's writing made each character distinct and so real for me that in the middle I had to put it down and take a breather. This book will have you calling your mom, your sister, your aunt just to tell them you love them. Seriously, it’s that good and I cannot wait for more people to read it!