Gaining Momentum

Best laid plans, am I right?

So it’s the third week of 2019 and I’m just now writing the second post of the year, a year for which I had planned to write one post a week. But, you know what? It’s ok. It takes a while to build the momentum.

I’m making much better progress on one of my other big goals for the year — read 150 books in 2019.

I know. I KNOW! it’s a ridiculous goal and far beyond anything I had thought I would shoot for. But here’s the thing. I already read 136 books in 2018. So building on the momentum that I’ve already built up (see where I’m going with this?) I should be able to hit that mark. Or at least come close.

When you break it down that’s about three books a week, which is about what I read anyway — one print book during the week, one on the weekend, and an audiobook a week. Does this sound absurd? Maybe. But just like with knitting, I’m finding ways to fit books into the pauses of my day (and it’s actually easier than with knitting). When the kids are playing, or eating a snack, or watching a tv show, I have a book close by. They are in a stage where as long as I sit right where they are they are generally happy, but if I get up to do anything — dishes, laundry, make food — they lose their minds.

I used to feel guilty about it, what kind of mother sits and reads all day instead of doing enriching activities with her children? But then I realized that they don’t necessarily want me to play with them all the time, and that time when I’m sitting quietly is much better spent reading than playing on the phone or watching tv. Children imitate what they see, and I want my kids to see that reading is a fun and important part of life.


We’ll see if I can keep this momentum through the year, but right now I have high hopes. That might be because Chris took the boys to visit his parents over the weekend so I had the house to myself for three days, allowing me to do things like read and knit at the same time or read a book in a day!

Are you making any reading goals for yourself? What parts of your day do you use to squeeze in some extra reading, knitting, or other hobby?