More Socks

I told you, 

it's sock city over here.


Pair #2 is the only complete pair of adult socks that I finished during the Ravellenics. And they are also not for me.

Pattern:  Obliviate  by Sarah Stevens  Yarn:  Nox Yarn Co , Faunus Sock, Beautiful Monster

Pattern: Obliviate by Sarah Stevens

Yarn: Nox Yarn Co, Faunus Sock, Beautiful Monster

This pair is for my mom (sorry to spoil the surprise, Mom). You might remember that she dropped some heavy-handed hints a few months ago that she would like more socks, so this is the second pair of "just because" socks I have knit for her. I loved knitting this pattern so much that I've started a second pair for myself, and I think I'll knit them just as tall. Usually by now I'm looking to knit shorties for the next six months or so, but it's still freezing here, meaning tall socks are a must.

Not only was this pattern a joy to knit, but the yarn is a dream. I love my super soft socks for sure, but I have really been drawn to the more hearty BFL/nylon blends. There's something about the textured feel on my needles that I really enjoy. Mom also wears her handknit socks with birkenstocks (as those who live in and around Ashville are wont to do -- never change, Mom!), so I feel like the extra toothiness of a BFL makes them a little more hardwearing than they would be otherwise.

And yes, it is not lost on me that this is the second pair of socks I have knit for her that is Hermoine-themed. No, it's not intentional, but it is highly amusing.

Obliviate v 2.png