It's Shnew!

We had a knitter's dream yesterday

(or at least this knitter's dream) -- an honest to God snow storm.

Not a blizzard, or an ice storm, or sleet, but real snow starting at nine in the morning and continuing for almost 12 hours. Of course it meant everything was closed, I realized we didn't have quite as much food as I thought I had stocked, and we're eating mac and cheese, but still. Six inches of glorious powder.

Pasha was so excited when it started that he went running to the door yelling "SNOW!" Only he's one so it comes out sounding more like "SHNEW!"

Snow Day 4.png

It was one of the proudest moments of my life when, after a good five hours of snowfall, we all bundled up to go for a walk. Suddenly all those sweaters, socks, hats, and mittens were deemed the greatest thing ever. I'm really fortunate that my family is super knitworthy. At one, Pasha has already learned to gravitate to a hand knit cardigan over a sweatshirt. And Chris only has one hat, but he claims that's all he needs and wears it any time the weather deems it necessary.

Pasha rocking his still too big  Ridgeline set

Pasha rocking his still too big Ridgeline set

Based on the amount of winter weather we've already seen this season, I'm starting to make plans for the boys for next winter. Stormy will be in the mix, so I forsee matching sets not only for the kidlets, but also maybe a trio of hats that match Daddy. Because oh were these two adorable in the snow.

Snow Day.png

My only regret is that I am far too pregnant to partake in any of the fun and had to sit (stand) out Pasha's first sledding experience. Next year, though, Mommy is going to be all over it.