Milo for Christmas

This week I have spent a lot of time going through Pasha's clothes and pulling out things for Stormy to wear.

This includes finding all of the knitwear I made for him that I am hoping to get more wear out of and therefore justify the pitiful amount of knitting I have done specifically for this kid. Because I kept all knitted items together, I rediscovered this year's holiday sweater which I managed to put on him for pictures, clean, and then forget about. Because that's how my brain works right now.

One of my favorite items I knit before Pasha was born was his Milo vest.


I knit it out of Leading Men Fiber Arts Dramaturg DK, and it has held up so well that when they released their Winter Wonderland colorway I knew I needed to knit him another. I knit the eighteen month size and used the braided cable option. I love the way this cable chart works up and the look of the various pops of color in the cable versus stockinette versus garter stitch. And yes I know, it's hard to see the details in these photos. I'd apologize, but it's basically impossible to get a toddler to hold still when there are puddles about.

It turns out that vests really are perfect sweaters for our North Carolina holiday season. These pictures were taken at my parent's house when we were there the weekend before Christmas. It was 50+ degrees out and rainy most of the time. Luckily when the power went out for a few hours (squirrels, man, they're a killer), the skies had cleared enough for puddle jumping. Wearing a vest meant that Pasha stayed warm while he played but I didn't have to worry about sleeves ending up in the mud. 

I imagine I will knit several more of these in the future as the boys grow up. There's a chance I'll try to use a different yarn, but the Dramaturg has held up so well to washing that I might just have to make one in every color.