Making Things Easier

I don't know about you

but I have a tendency to make things harder on myself than they need to be. For everyone else I am full of second chances and accommodations, but for myself? For myself I never give an inch. Giving myself a break just isn't something that comes naturally to me. Especially now that I'm a mom -- it feels like any mistake I make or step back that I take could impact my child. And I know that's crazy, so I'm trying to make things easier on myself.

Back around Mother's Day I told you guys about my struggles with Postpartum Depression (PPD). What I didn't know at the time was that I was pregnant and what I didn't detail in my post is that I was taking medication to help with it. I'm not ashamed that I chose to take pills because it made me a much better mom for Pasha and helped me to be the mom I want to be -- easy-going, less anxious, and willing to get in the muck if it meant we had a good time. But once I found out about Stormy all of that changed. The primary reason I struggled so much over the summer is that I was coming off of this medication and the side effects were horrid. I'm better now but the end result is that I don't want to go back on them again if I can help it, so I've started working with a counselor to tackle the remains of my PPD and prepare for the upheaval that will be another baby (I also understand that not everyone can come off of their medication during pregnancy. Whatever makes it possible for you to have a safe and healthy pregnancy, I support you. You, mama, are a rock star no matter what).

The big issue we keep circling back to is the pressure that I put on myself. Pressure to be a good mom, pressure to be a good wife, pressure to have a beautiful home, etc. I've started to work on stepping back, looking at my major goals be they for the day, the week, etc, and find ways to make them easier on myself. For example, I've started doing a load of laundry every day. Just one. That much I can get washed, dried, and put away while wrangling a very curious toddler (who really likes to help).

Pasha Does Laundry.png

This approach of finding ways to make things easier has started finding its way into my knitting as well. Until recently I never used a cable needle. Sometimes I really needed one, but I was determined to make it work without because it was something small I could take pride in. But on my Chuck this time I used a cable needle the whole way. This made it a lot more fun to work on and much less frustrating if Pasha needed something RIGHT NOW MOM in the middle of a cable row.

Keeping Things Simple.png

As you can see I am applying the same thought to the sleeve decreases. Do you know how much lighter I feel not having to keep all those counts in my head? It's not that I can't, or even shouldn't, it's that I don't have to.

Do you have strategies you use to bring ease to your knitting life? If so I'd love to hear about them!