August Pattern Roundup

It's that time again!

Well yes, it was that time a few days ago, but we had a holiday weekend here in the States so you'll forgive my tardiness, won't you?

August Pattern Roundup.jpg


Carefree Crop Top.png

Carefree Crop Top, Knitatude

You guys know I love a good crop top pattern. They're so flattering on pretty much anyone and give a chance to wear a sweater in much warmer weather. This one is now top of my list for next summer (bonus crop top advantage: they're super nursing-friendly).

For the Head


Casazul, La Maison Rililie

Brioche continues to be super hot, and this is a really fun way to get in on the trend. Add in stripes, fun brim treatment, and a Frieda Kahlo homage? This hat has it all.

For the Neck

A Little Bit Bowie, Georgie Nicolson

I love this fun take on an asymmetrical shawl. Plus you guys know how I feel about both pop culture and stripes. Such a fun pattern.

For the Hands

Thistle Mitts, Natalia Moreva 

Classic colorwork mittens should be a staple part of everyone's Winter wardrobe. This is a great take with a beautiful plant motif and mitt style rather than full mittens. The pattern page also says that the chart can be subbed into hat, scarf,  or sweater patterns, so you could knit an entire matching set if you feel so inclined.

For the Feet

Study in Slip Socks, Laura Fahlin

Speaking of colorwork, these socks have all the appeal without the actual work of knitting more than one color at a time. Fahlin calls these a sampler of slipped stitches, with the option to just use one motif or several to get a totally unique sock. And a great use of those leftover bits or mini skeins you don't want to deal with.


Dandelion Cardigan, Along avec Anna

I fell in love with this little girl when I saw the pattern photo. Isn't she just darling? The sweater itself is also quite sweet if you can get yourself to look past the kid long enough to see the detail.

Honorable Mention

Limelight, Lars Rains

You know those times you go to the beach and you're just a little bit chilly but don't want to wear a sweater? Limelight totally has you covered while giving you the still fashionable cold shoulder look. There was actually a pattern similar to this in Knitty many many years ago, so I loved seeing a modern updated version popping up. I don't know if I'll make one, but you can bet I'll be thinking about it.

As always it is impossible to feature every amazing pattern that is published each month. To see other fun August patterns that I found you can check out my Ravelry bundle. And please drop me a note in the comment if you have a favorite I may have missed!