Boho Blush

It's been a long time since I've had a finished object for myself.

Well, maybe not a super long time, but it feels like forever because I've been working on projects for all the dudes in my house. Last month when everyone got all into Andrea Mowrey's What the Fade KAL I came *this* close to being swept up in the madness. I know I have sweaters on the needles for myself, but shawls are more pregnancy friendly in my mind because I can wear them no matter how dramatically my bust size might change. But instead of casting on a new shawl I talked myself down and picked up my Boho Blush, started lo so many months ago (March I think?).

I tried hard to remember why I put it down when I did, and I'm just not sure. I was at the end of one section and all set to start another, my stitch count was correct, and I even had a nearly full skein of yarn so there was no winding to do. I'm not sure if I got bored, or if it became too large to lug around after Pasha, or if I equated it with the many seasons of Law and Order: SVU he and I had watched at that time and just needed a break. In any case it only took me about a week to crank out the last few sections, block, and add on the fringe.

The shawl itself calls for approximately 1095 yards of a fingering weight yarn, including fringe, which can be a bit variable. I had three skeins of Yarn on the House Little Brother in Honeydew Melon, which measures in at 435 yards per skein. There was a brief scare when I finished the bindoff and started adding fringe when I thought that I had completely run out of yarn. Frantic digging in the stash to find a complementary fringe color turned up the final skein, which I had not wound yet and had accidentally rotated to the bottom of my yarn chest.

As you can see, Pasha is quite fond of the fringe, pulling it off the couch to roll around with on a regular basis. I'd apologize for the lighting of these pictures, but when the inspiration strikes, sometimes you just have to start documenting and to hell with the florescent lighting. I'm feeling rather gross lately, so he makes a much lovelier model anyway.

And there's still quite a bit of yarn left, so Stormy may get a matching sweater so that we can be obnoxious twinsies. Because that's what knitting mommy's do, right?