Brighton Pullover

You guys!

You guys, I finally did it. I finished Chris' Brighton Pullover, a gorgeous pattern by Veronik Avery that I did my best to destroy as much as possible. And despite my best efforts the result is gorgeous (can you say a guy's sweater is gorgeous? It feels right so I'm going with it).

To refresh your memory, though if you're a frequent reader I'm sure you're tired of hearing about it, I started this sweater for Chris last Fall. I finally convinced him to let me knit him a sweater and used some sample knitting store credit to buy this amazing Quince & Co Chickadee from last year's String Theory dye run (ST8 to be specific). I knit the back up rather quickly, but then Pasha started independent movement and the cables became difficult for the drop and run lifestyle I had to adopt.

Brighton Neckline FO.png

I picked this back up in July when Pasha and I went to visit my parents and flew through the front. The sleeves were a bit more of a slog as I knit them two at a time (and was back with my much more distracting stash), but I got through them and managed not to run out of yarn as I seamed it all together and knit the neckline. But then (oh but then), I discovered that the sleeves were way WAY too long. Did I mention that I had substituted a sport weight yarn for a fingering weight sweater? My math worked just fine until then.

Many thanks to Katy C who talked me out of just chucking the whole thing in the dryer when I wrote about this last. I was super discouraged, but I finally buckled down and actually cut the sleeves. I ended up having to cut off ten cable repeats on top of the ribbing to make them the length that Chris wanted. They are now just a hair shorter than I was aiming, but he's constantly pushing up his sleeves, so I don't think it's going to be a problem. And I'm not reknitting them again anyway. No way. No how. You can't make me.

I'm really pleased with the overall look of the sweater, and Chris says he'll wear it when he needs to dress nicely. Like, say, family pictures in a few months?