A Little Little

So I have news.

If you haven't been by Instagram lately you might not have seen the announcement.

Yup. I'm pregnant. We found out at the beginning of the summer and I have struggled to get my crafting mojo back ever since. It's funny, but the good part of being nauseous and uncomfortable for three months is that I did not have the energy to make a bunch of clothes for myself that I am unable to wear.

But you guys know that I can't just not knit, so I struggled through a few WIPs until finally starting a new project for the baby. That seemed to be the key to kicking things back into gear for me.

As soon as the new issue of Making showed up I knew I had to knit this little giraffe (which just happens to be the pattern name). I used less than a skein each of Cascade 220 Superwash and it knit up super fast. The only downside is that the neck is a little floppy and does not hold the head upright.  But the result is just adorable.

Pasha is a little frustrated though. He doesn't like this whole sibling concept when it means he doesn't get to keep the toys.