Autumn Dreaming

Temperatures might be in the upper 90s,

but I am already dreaming of Fall. You could blame the Brighton Pullover for this. I went from complacent knitter to full on sweater knitter. Not only am I working on Brighton for Chris, but I'm also halfway through an Avery Vest for Pasha out of some gorgeous Fiberspates

and a Chuck for myself.

This is actually my second Chuck. I knit one three years ago out of some prized Quince and Co and loved it. It turned into my favorite sweater during my first pregnancy because it enabled me to keep wearing dresses that were no longer work appropriate as my body changed faster than my wardrobe. I can still wear it right now, but since my bust size changed dramatically and I only anticipate it changing more, I decided to knit another in a larger size.

I cast it on last week right before Pasha and I left to go visit my parents for a long weekend. They live right on the edge of the path of totality for the solar eclipse on Monday, so we got to drive out to my mom's school and see over 99% of it, which was pretty cool. My favorite part was how low the temperature dropped. Maybe because I'm so tired of this heat?

If you look closely you can almost see the shadow of the eclipse through the clouds

If you look closely you can almost see the shadow of the eclipse through the clouds

Somehow, despite chasing Pasha everywhere (because OMG he's walking!), I managed to knit almost the entire body of the sweater. It's amazing how fast worsted weight knits up compared to fingering or sport weight. I got through the start of the bottom ribbing before I ran out of the yarn that I already balled up. I would probably already be on the sleeves if I would go get another skein to wind up but let's be honest. That's too much work right now.

Chuck Cables WIP.png

Are you an Autumn fanatic? Have you already started planning your cold weather knits or are you still holding tight to summer?