Brighton in Crisis

I made a big big mistake.

Evidently I was overly confident when I purchased yarn last year for Chris' Brighton Pullover. Oh wait, you don't remember anything about that? Well let me recap.

Around this time last year I was starting to feel like a somewhat normal person again. We passed the three month mark as a three person family and we had all survived. Pasha was starting to sleep a tad bit regularly and he wasn't moving around yet so I felt comfortable purchasing the yarn to start Chris' first sweater. He picked out a pattern from Brooklyn Tweed Fall 2016, and I was really excited that he finally wanted a larger project. I even bought special yarn, Quince and Co Chickadee in their special String Theory dye line. My local LYS Warm N Fuzzy, where I was spending a lot of my time (and disposable income), had managed to get some sweater lots in stock so I nabbed five skeins of this gorgeous grey, ST-8.

Now, if you happen to know this sweater or have followed the linkage above you will notice that Brighton is written for Brooklyn Tweed Loft, which is a fingering weight yarn. Chickadee is a sport weight yarn. Not the same thing. But I was so excited and confident that I actually decided to do some maths to modify the pattern for the heavier weight yarn. Because really, who wants to knit a giant cabled man sweater in a dark color?

With the help of some more experienced sweater-knitting friends I swatched, decided on a gauge, and cast on. By the time I finished the front Pasha was learning how to roll over. Not to be deterred I pressed on, casting on the back just as he started doing barrel rolls across the living room. Even though the directions are very clear and the cables are a fairly basic pattern, I found this was not the type of knitting I could just throw down at a moment's notice, so the poor Brighton went back into the bag and to the bottom of the WIP pile.

Fast forward to last month. My crafting supplies and knitting have all been living in an assortment of boxes and piles next to my bed (because Mom's stuff is always organized last), which is now Stormy's future hangout, so I've been trying to slowly move things around to make room. As I moved things the Brighton bag came back to the top of the pile and I felt a bit guilty that it had been so neglected, so I took it with me when Pasha and I went to visit my parents last month.

Brighton Sleeves.png

While we were there I finished the front and basted it together with the back which I made Chris try on when we got home. It fit so I went ahead and cast on the sleeves. These I decided to knit two at a time to the sleeve cap (which of course has directional shaping) just in case I needed to modify anything so that they would both match. It was a deep black hole I was in until Wednesday night when I decided after comparing measurements to Chris' arm that I should go ahead and start the sleeve cap. That's when the trouble started.

After knitting both sleeve caps this is how much yarn I have left.

And I still have the neckband and all of the seaming to do.

Let that sink in for a moment.

I am about to embark on the greatest and most doomed game of yarn chicken in my entire life. There is no way that I'll have enough yarn to finish, and yet I'm going to try. Because despite the fact that I thought I had more than enough yarn with five skeins, I do not.

So I guess what I'm trying to say is, if you happen to have a partial ball or a skein of Chickadee ST-8 lying around, would you mind sending it my way?