Outfit-A-Long 2017

I had every intention of writing this post on Saturday, but then the very serious events in Virginia happened and it seemed silly to write about sewing and knitting when others were confronting the growing threat of Nazism in our country. So I decided to give it a few days to process before returning to this space. I am a white woman and I know that part of my privilege is that I can ignore these issues when I choose, but at the same time this is a space where I talk a lot about myself and I don't want to make my discussion of this issue all about me. So know that in my daily life I am trying to find ways that I can rethink how I can engage these issues, but I will be keeping this space as positive and encouraging as possible. If you have any ideas of how I can do this in a more inclusive way, please let me know. I am always looking for new ways to grow this space for all of you.

Ok, on to the creating!

You may remember that back at the beginning of the summer I had grand plans to knit/sew an outfit for our fifth anniversary date to see Garbage and Blondie last weekend. But then I found out I am pregnant and life went a little sideways for many many weeks. Something people don't talk about often when discussing close pregnancies is that you never get a chance to recover fully before your body starts at it again. I'm not talking about losing all the baby weight (though that would be nice), but my organs and bones had not all gone back to their regular places, so when Stormy came on the scene my body was like "Oh, we know how to do this" and pop -- almost immediate baby bump. Not the most encouraging way to start a new outfit.

Fortunately the knitted part of my outift (TPCT by Teresa Gregorio) was already in progress, so I plodded away until I had a finished crop top. I shortened it just a hair because the hem was already beginning to flare over the baby, so I didn't want to knit it to full length only to find the bindoff was too tight. I used two gorgeous skeins of Junkyarn Smooth Sock in Padme, which I just love. The speckles are all very soft except for the occasional pop of red and black, which I can only assume is a nod to the Episode One outfit. I alternated skeins so I had about a fourth of each left at the end. Enough for some shorties for me or toddler socks for the kidlets?

The sewing part of this outfit (Cleo, Tilly and the Buttons) didn't take nearly as long, but was more mentally taxing. When I lost my creative mojo I lost all interest in sewing as well as knitting. Which turns out in this case was good. I didn't actually start cutting fabric until the week of the show, which meant that I was able to cut a size that fit. I was fantasizing sewing a few more as I get bigger because it is such an easy pattern, but the fit is not really designed for someone carrying the majority of her body weight on the lower front of her torso. However, I can see myself sewing some for spring post-baby.

I sewed the short version with two front pockets instead of the single bib pocket. I love pockets (as do all women -- take note designers!), so I almost put all three, but decided in the end that would be a bit much. The entire sewing process only took a few nap times, or about half of iZombie season 3. Everything went smoothly until the final edge stitching, when I had to reload the bobbin. No matter how many times I restarted and rethereaded I could not get my stitching to lay flat and even. I finally gave up because it was the night before the show and simply did the best I could. It's not as nice as I'd like, but it works for now. Maybe someday soon I'll rip out the stitching and redo it.

Even though I did not finish in time to enter the Outfit-A-Long I am still pretty pleased with myself. In years past I have only participated in the knitting and wished I could sew. This year I actually created an entire outfit! Maybe next year I'll build on my momentum and actually submit a finished outfit.

Oh! The concert was great by the way. Garbage was just as amazing as I had hoped and Blondie was simply divine. It was so inspiring to see such great bands fronted by women who have been icons for more than a generation. My new goal is to be Debbie Harry when I grow up because dude, that woman rocks.