July Pattern Roundup

It's August?

How is it already August! Well, you know what that means --

As I always say, there is no way I can find and share all of the amazing patterns that were released last month. I make a favorite's bundle every month of all the contenders that I see, but I know there are more out there, so please share them in the comments!


Praline, Dani Sunshine

I love this sweet cardigan for the months transitioning into fall as the weather cools down in the evenings. Knit in a neutral as pictured it would be the perfect basic to throw on over a sun dress, or in a fun color it could brighten up a basic tshirt and jeans (which let's face it is my uniform).


Bramble, Kat Riddell

I know we just had a pattern from Kat in the mix, but I just can't resist this tee. I love a good summer top, and this is just one from a collection of three! Pretty sure I'm going to need all of these next Summer.

For the Head

Keepsies, Hunter Hammerson

So often a buy a skein of yarn and think "This would be a gorgeous hat", but then can't find a pattern to match. This pattern fixes that problem for some of your heavier weight yarns and looks like a great pallet cleanser to boot.

For the Neck

Day Dreamer, This.Bird.Knits

I'm really into simple knits right now. Something fun and comforting that results in a beautiful finished object. This is the perfect shawl for that need and I want to cast one on STAT.

For the Feet

Downpour Socks, Susie White

Remember what I said about simple, comforting, and gorgeous results? Yep, it works for socks too. And perfect for all those skeins of striped yarn I have lying around.


Baby Jailbird Romper, Melissa Kemmerer

I love the concept of the collection this piece comes from -- babies finally jailbreaking to come out into the world. With the exception of the dress, this is completely non-gendered. This would make a great gift for any knitworthy moms you may have in your life.

Honorable Mention

The Magizoologist's Menagerie, Sara Ray

Confession time. I have not seen Fantastic Beasts. I know, it's shameful for a Potter fan like me, but I have a baby so getting to movies is hard. In any case, I am in love with this scarf. The patterning is fun but not so obvious that you'd immediately say "Hey, that's a Harry Potter scarf!"

What new patterns have caught your eye this month?