Sock and Awe

A while back, I actually finished a few projects.

They were socks of course. When in doubt, or when motivation is low, always work on socks.

These were my mom's Mother's Day socks this year, which came a little late because that is how I roll these days. No, actually, I finished the first one in time, but I wanted to be sure they fit before embarking on the second. Until recently Mom and I have had the exact same size feet, but she's had some injuries lately that made me a wee bit concerned about the heel depth. Turns out I need not have worried as all her knitted socks still fit perfectly.

There's something uniquely satisfying about giving your mother something you have created by hand. It calls back to mind all of the random stuff I made for her as a kid. Stuff she graciously and lovingly accepted with nary a hint that it was still wet with glue and totally getting glitter all over her jeans. Now when she is excited I know it is genuine because I've cultivated an actual skill and make real, usable items.

Fidget Socks.png

For her 2017 pair I knit the Fidget Socks, a free pattern by Amy Stringer, using a modified afterthought heel based on Susan B Anderson's Smooth Operator Socks.  The yarn is The Help from Desert Vista Dyeworks in her Viso base which I initially ordered to knit for her last year but ended up saving due to time constraints. Everything about these socks worked out perfectly. Mom loves the colors, the pattern was easy to follow, and the project was easy to drop when Pasha decided to do something reckless.

High on the accomplishment of a finished pair of socks I decided to tackle another languishing pair. It is no secret that I love Muststash Yarns' Star Wars collection, to the point that I almost made her an exception to my no online yarn commitment this year. Every time she releases a new set I love them all and can never decide on a color, so I typically purchase her 50 gram companion skeins. Theoretically these are designed to make mismatched socks, but I find that 50 grams plus a solid mini is plenty to make myself ankle socks.

This is a loosely modified Jelly Roll sock by Mara Catherine Bryner, knit out of the Leia colorway. I used a Lolo Did It mini to knit the small ribbed cuff, the heel, and the toe. The original plan was to do the colorwork foot, like the pattern, but the placement in the striping sequence did not look as nice. I've already worn these a ton of times and am hoping to get another pair on the needles soon. I may have finally found my go-to sock pattern, at least for now. 

Have you finished anything cool while I've been MIA? Please share in the comments!