May Pattern Roundup

It's the end of another month, 

which means it is time for another pattern roundup. This month's offerings were heavy on the accessories, which is appropriate for the rising temperatures in the northern hemisphere.


Enchanted Forest, Marion Crivelli

I love a good fingering weight sweater. In our climate it is pretty much impossible to wear anything made out of a heavier weight yarn most of the year. So when I saw Enchanted Forest I was immediately intrigued even before I read about the creative construction. This might need to jump to the top of my queue.

For the Head

Persian Windows Hat, Sarah Schira

We all have those random skeins of yarn and I know I have more mini skeins than I know what to do with. This hat is the first in a collection that uses single mini skeins to create fun pops of color in single skein projects.

For the Neck

Westside Market Scarf, Burning Rivers Knits

There's something about colorwork in the summer that just makes  sense. If this kind of project takes you a while to knit, now is the time to start. It'll be Fall before you know it! 

Willow, Natalia Moreva

If you want a project that you can wear more easily in the summer heat, this is an excellent option. Plus it looks to use any number of colors you wish, which is always an added bonus.

For the Feet

Villemo Kalebsdotter, Anna Friberg

Shorties with more than one color and texture? Sign me up!

For Kids

Blustery Day Baby Pancho, Kelly Forster

Kelly writes that this started as a baby shower item, and I can see why. I'm pretty sure I will need to make one of these for Pasha this year. It's just so sweet!


Dinosaur with Spikes, Connie Mitchell

Knitted toys are an item I never thought I'd like, but which I've become more and more enamored. This little dino dude would be a lot of fun as a child's birthday gift, knit up in a favorite color.

As always, there are so many more patterns than I can highlight here, so please share your favorites in the comments.