Unicorn Puff

One of the patterns that I didn't include in April's pattern roundup,

though I could, is Unicorn Toy by Emma Whittle. One of the primary reasons it was not featured is because I actually knit it last week.

Sunday was the first birthday for one of Pasha's buddies. Her mom is in to all things fantasy and science fiction, so I was excited to go all-out nerdy with her gift. When I'm in charge of buying a gift for a kid I like to give books. Books are one of my favorite things in the whole world and I have many fond memories of receiving gifts from the local bookstore when I was a kid and getting excited when I recognized the store's signature wrapping paper. So last week when Pasha and I went to storytime I perused the new arrivals and found Not Quite Narwhal.

First off, this book is adorable. If there had been another copy I would have bought one for us as well. It is the sweet story of Kelp, who was born under the sea with the narwhals but is a little bit different. The book follows his journey to discover unicorns and learn more about himself. And of course the pages are full of bright, charming illustrations. But of course a book was not enough -- I had to knit a toy to go with it.

I did not stick to the pattern per se, but I did use the numbers as a guide for knitting my version. I used more of my HGL Worsted leftovers, which is a tad heavier than the DK called for in the pattern. The main thing I modified were the various appendages. The pattern calls for each to be knitted flat and then seemed and attached after the fact. Instead I picked up stitches from the unicorn itself and knit out. I also used safety eyes instead of knitting them, but that was more of a time thing than anything else. I then used a crochet hook to attach the main and tail in a way that looked nice (using Desert Vista Dyeworks Mean Girls on her sparkle base).

The entire project took me one evening of podcast viewing with the regular baby interruptions. I'm pretty pleased with the result and hope the birthday girl finds it amusing. And I should probably start working on more for the next birthday. I'm pretty sure I'll be giving this book again.