Hit Pause

You ever have a moment where you just want to freeze time?

Things have been a little quite over here because I was having one of those moments. Several of them actually. Because yesterday our little bug, my darling Pasha, turned one. ONE! Can you believe it?

This year has been so hard and so wonderful and I wouldn't trade any of it. Being this kid's mama has made all of the struggles worth it. But at the same time it seems like the experience is flying by and I just want to hit pause and spend a little more time in the moment. So yesterday in honor of Pasha's birthday and my first year as a mommy I put all my current projects to the side and started something new for myself.

I picked up this yarn at Black Mountain Yarn Shop over the weekend because I am finally, FINALLY, going to make a TCPT. The Totally Perfect Crop Top was published last summer but I was not in a place where I wanted to knit garments. This year I have already sewn several high-waisted skirts, so a crop top should be the perfect addition to my wardrobe. By the time I got the yarn wound and cast on someone was up from his nap, so I didn't get much done, but it is a start.

We also ran some selfish errands, picking up books for the birthday boy and fabric for me! Pasha decided last week that he is done nursing, so I'm finally free to start wearing pullover dresses, not seperates or items with handy zippers. First up? Deer and Doe's Arum Dress. Hopefully it is as quick and easy as it looks.

We had a lovely time with the birthday boy, but now it's back to reality. There are grandparents coming to visit and a birthday party to  host, so mommy's got to get herself in gear. But I did enjoy my little selfish pause. Here's hoping I don't have to wait till his second birthday to take another.