Me Made Madness

I've never been able to participate in Me Made May before.

Until this year my handmade wardrobe was exclusively handknit, which is not very conducive to everyday wear in North Carolina May. It's technically Spring but around here it's more like pre-Summer. But this year. This year not only has it been chilly (at least in the mornings), but I have sewn garments to wear!

I missed the beginning of Me Made May, not really wanting to play along when I don't have that much to offer. But I had a newly completed to share so I decided to dip my toe in last week.

I'm still not posting every day because my handmade wardrobe is small and there are only so many bathroom selfies one wants on one's feed, but I am enjoying taking stock of what I wear every day. Last year at this time I was on bed rest and in that miserable stage of late pregnancy. This year I have a stair-climbing monster to chase after, so you'd think I'd stick to yoga pants but more often than not I find myself in a skirt and tshirt.

And when we have bad days and I just don't have the energy to do laundry there are still cozy shawls under which to snuggle.

Are you participating in Me Made May? Let me know if you are joining in the fun!