April Pattern Roundup

I know it's May,

so this is very delayed. But Pasha has started climbing stairs and just cut two more teeth, so it's been a very busy few weeks. Lots of screaming -- both happy and infuriated.

So I hope you'll forgive me for my tardiness as we take a few minutes to look back on the amazing patterns of April.


Utility, Ainsworth and Prin

I've never worked with linen, but I would try it for this top. Light, striped, and with the added fun of a herringbone stitch on the bottom band, this is perfect for the blistering hot that's already beginning to make itself known here in the Southern US.

For the Head

Sweet as Honey Beanie, Maggie Murphy

Who doesn't love a nice summer beanie? The turned brim paired with the lace gives a nice combo that should keep the knitter from becoming too bored or too frustrated.

For the Neck

Northumberland, Valerie Miller

This is my lifestyle pick for the month. I want to live in this picture with the cozy DK weight shawl and beautiful stone fireplace.

For the Hands

Papil Mitts, Donna Smith

Donna won me over with her inspiration story about how connected the knitting community can be. I love a good patterned mitt, and these are captivating.

For the Feet

Sixpence, Olivia, Villarreal

A good textured sock pattern is always a win, and these are a great addition to the field. I love that the designer took photos of the socks with a book and a cup of tea, which is exactly how I would knit them.


Sleepy Elf, Jennifer Stegmann

A baby in a stripey elf hat. What's not to love?

Just for Fun

Helicopter, Amanda Berry

As the mom of a boy I'm always excited to find things that are geared specifically toward boys or are at least not sparkly and frilly (though he has some definite "girly" items as well). This helicopter toy is just the latest in a series of amazing stuffies designed by Amanda Berry. Seriously, go look at them. I want them all.

What patterns caught your eye in the last month? As always I cannot feature everything, so I'd love to hear about what I may have missed!