Margot Pajamas

Is there anything better than a lazy Saturday morning?

Lounging around with a book and coffee, knitting away in your favorite pjs. Even better if those pjs are handmade!

That's right. I sewed clothing! I still can scarcely believe it myself after years spent wishing I knew how. For those who don't know I am teaching myself to sew by working through Love At First Stitch. After the success of my Brigette Scarf (of which there have now been several), I packed Pasha into the car and we headed off to our local yarn and fabric store, Creative Threads.

It is going to be very dangerous living so close to this shop because I love all of the Moda fabrics that they carry. I held myself to just this one with the adorable bunnies, but I already picked out my next purchase for when I go back. 

I am grateful that I was a knitter before I tried to sew garments, because it means that I already have some concept of how the pieces should fit together. But even if I had not I don't think I would have struggled too much because the instructions in the book are so clear. 

There was one major snafu when I set up the drawstring channel backwards, leaving the opening on the back rather than the front of the pants. I'm still not sure how I managed to do that, but short of completely dismantling the garment and starting over I was stuck with it. So a few days later Pasha and I headed to JoAnn's where in addition to fabric for several more projects I purchased elastic. There's still a small slit on the back of the pants, but I picked out the reinforcing stitches, so it isn't obvious. Plus now I have the perfect excuse to make another pair!