Still Knitting

Despite what my Instagram may lead you to believe

I am still knitting. I've been working on a few small gifts, but mostly I've been devoted to my Boho Blush.

I am almost done with the first of my three skeins of Yarn On The House Little Brother in Honeydew Melon . My knitting brain cannot fathom why I am not farther along, but it probably has something to do with this.

Pasha has come out the other side of some major teething, which brought with it a hefty dose of separation anxiety. As I write this he is currently five feet away from me pulling all of my Soviet history texts off of their bookshelf and it is the farthest away he has let me be in days. We spend a lot of time cuddling and a lot of time chasing one another around the floor, but this leaves little time for pulling out a growing shawl.

What you might not realize is that contrary to how it appears at first glance, Boho Blush is actually a very easy shawl. Each section is very simple to memorize and clearly laid out so that if you have to drop it to pull your child out of the dog bowl it's not detrimental to your progress. We leave soon to spend a week with my parents prepping for my sister's wedding (squeak!) next weekend, so I am hoping to put a significant dent in it.

After all, the siren call of all these lovely fabrics won't be able to reach me there!