Dishcloths for Grandma

So I lied to you guys

but only a little. The truth is, while my creative time has been obsessively devoted to sewing (I finished another skirt yesterday!), I have done a bit of knitting you knew nothing about. 

The first time I met my mother-in-law my husband took me home for her surprise birthday party. We were still in college and bringing home his new girlfriend was his excuse for visiting the weekend before finals. She was so sweet and excited that I am pretty sure she had no idea what was going on. It was a milestone birthday, so I felt an obligation to bring a birthday gift of my own.

I was completely broke at the time, so I brought the only thing I could think of -- handmade dishcloths. I had these blue and natural variegated skeins of Sugar and Cream cotton that I had been knitting up for myself, so I took those along. The dishcloths were so well received that she immediately started using them and hasn't stopped. This was eight years ago and recently when we were at their house for Thanksgiving I saw her washing dishes with one. It was completely faded and stretched out and I immediately felt that guilt that comes with observing a well-loved gift that has gone too long without a followup.

So this year she is getting a new set.

For this round I used Gramma's Dishcloth, a free variation on the Grandmother's Favorite Dishcloth pattern, and some more Sugar and Cream that I picked up on sale at Michael's.

Each dishcloth took about two-thirds of a skein, so I have enough leftovers that I could probably knit a few more or I might do some striped ones for myself. Hopefully these too stand the test of time and are as welcome as the last set.