A Wedding Toast for My Sister

Twenty-six years ago, my life was perfect.

I was the center of my parents' universe and had absolutely everything I could need. I was quite content being an only child. Everything changed one fateful day in April, when Eva was born. I was suddenly a big sister and had to share everything -- my parents, my room, my toys. They even dressed us alike, which resulted in some very heated arguments about who was stealing who's style as we got older. Thanks Mom and Dad for sending us to a school with uniforms. That's probably the only reason we survived our high school years.

After years spent trying to be different we found ourselves living apart and growing closer. Cell phones are in fact the greatest invention ever. I went apartment shopping with her and she kept me hydrated through the birth of my son. We've sat by bedsides and celebrated graduations together. At this point, if it is an important event you can expect to find a matched set.

And now we find ourselves on another fateful day in April and everything is about to change. I'm now once again learning to share, only this time I am learning to share my best friend. As Rosemary Clooney taught us, "Lord help the mister who comes between me and my sister." Tyler, we love you. Watch your step.

To the happy couple.