Shelved: What I've Been Reading February (Part 2)

I could also call this post "So many books, so little time"

One of the latest episodes of the What Should I Read Next Podcast featured a discussion of the competitive nature of the online reading community, which I have totally struggled with lately. Now that I'm discussing my reading more I feel the need to always have new and interesting things to talk about, but that's a self-imposed pressure and not beneficial at all. I read what I like and sometimes it is deep and profound non-fiction and sometimes it is a light and frothy novel.

Fangirl, Rainbow Rowell

Ok, I don't know if I would call this a light and frothy novel, but after finishing Ghettoside I needed something that was more fun. Fangirl totally fit the bill. I have read it several times and opted for the audio version this time around. Even though I am *gulp* more than ten years removed from my Freshman year of college I still find something to connect with every time I return to this novel. The story of a girl who struggles with a penchant to isolate herself and exist in a fictional world of her own making is very relatable, especially now that I have the very real isolating circumstance of new motherhood.

The Animators, Kayla Rae Whitaker

I'm still not sure how I feel about The Animators. It was the pre-selected option for my February Book of the Month box, and the description intrigued me enough that I decided to add it on even though I selected The Possessions as my official book (seriously I still cannot stop thinking about that one). There was a lot in this book that I should have loved -- strong female characters who are friends and creatives, interesting world building, realistic portrayal of the rural South -- but it often just didn't quite click for me. Quite possibly because there was so much story that it was surprising when things fell into a rather standard formula. That is not to say that it is not a good book. It was. Just of a specific style. I will say that it was the book I was reading when I had the stomach virus and gave me a lot of perspective on how things could be when I felt like I might be dying.

Design Mom, Gabrielle Stanley Blair

An impulse library check-out, I may be purchasing a copy of Design Mom to have in my home library as Pasha grows older. This is intended as an interior design book, but I found it full of great ideas for parenting kids of all ages. Blair has experience on all ends of the housing spectrum and believes that practicality and beauty are not mutually exclusive as long as you approach your home with intention. The book is set up by room/area, so you can go to the chapter you need or you can do what I did and read the entire book in a day.

Let's Pretend This Never Happened, Jenny Lawson

A friend gave me Furiously Happy for my birthday, and with a new publication on the horizon I decided it was high time I read Lawson's first book. I got the audio and found myself so charmed by Lawson's narration that I think I might need to get Furiously Happy on audio as well. I found the stories of love, parenthood, and mental illness to be particularly compelling because of my own struggles with PPD. I will issue a language advisory for the cautious, but if you are looking for a witty memoir I recommend this one.

Have you read anything fun lately? Tell us about it in the comments!