March Pattern Roundup

March has been a great month for patterns.

But really, what month isn't? And just because I seem intent on knitting shawls until my fingers fall off does not mean that there are not other patterns catching my eye.



Kimono by mandarine's

Melody writes in the. pattern description that she wanted to create a piece that would be the first thing she reached for when coming home from work. That is exactly the vibe I get from this sweater. Not super snuggly, but functional and just warm enough for air conditioned rooms. Perfect for the unpredictable temperatures we have this time of year.


Droplet Mist by Josée Paquin

This sweater is my ideal knitting project. All the appearance of a simple pullover with the interest of an all over texture pattern and little stripes. It's even knit in fingering weight!

For the Head

Mashup by Amy Miller

Perfect for that random skein of DK weight you picked up because you swore off sock yarn but just had to buy the pretty handpaint. Plus it's the excuse you need to buy one of those amazing fur pompoms.

For the Neck

Anonymous Shawl by Verena Cohr

Like I said, I am shawl obsessed these days, so it was really hard to pick just one, but this one caught my eye immediately because of the relative simplicity. I love my striped and multi-colored shawls, but there is something deeply appealing about a heavier weight single-color shawl.

For the Feet

Danseys Pass Socks by Hanging Rock Roost

It's no secret that I am a sucker for a good ankle sock. And a multi-color sock. And a tasteful stash busting project. Yeah, excuse me, I need to go cast one of these on.


Mishka Hat by Tanya Mulokas

How could I not pick the adorable kids hat that's literally named "Little Mouse". Pasha is going to need one of these next winter.

As always, there are way more patterns released every month than I can feature here. What have you seen this month that I might have missed? Tell us about it in the comments.