Last night I was talking to a friend

who is coming to visit us soon and I was telling her how much I am enjoying unpacking and setting up our house. I realized while talking to her that this is the first time I have truly settled in to a place since I left for college over ten years ago. Case in point, my crafting supplies are almost all out boxes and completely unpacked. For the first time there is not a pile of boxes sitting next to my bed, which means I have room to finally dig in to my sewing.

You might remember that Chris bought a sewing machine for me for Christmas before Pasha was born. I had grand plans to sew sleep sacks and blankets for him, but my pregnancy was not physically accommodating and I had to spend most of my time lying down or reclined, not really conducive for using a machine. But that has not stopped me from dreaming and collecting supplies here and there, so when I received my copy of Love at First Stitch last month I quickly decided to work my way through the projects in the book.

Machine Setup.png

Yesterday I finally pulled things together and made the first project -- the Brigitte Scarf. Something I learned in knitting was to not save the good materials but to go ahead and use them when you want. Since I had already played with the machine a lot, I decided to use a half yard cut of Rifle Paper Co fabric that I ordered specifically for this project.

First lesson I learned? A half yard is not long enough. But I pressed on. I was already committed. And really, if I had not told you would you have known my scarf is a few inches short? Maybe, but who cares?

My cutting was not perfect, and I am still mastering the ability to sew in a straight line, but overall I am pretty pleased with the result. Enough that I might pull out some more fabric and make another. After all, this is elevating the messy bun of motherhood to something approaching fashionable.

Now if I could just figure out how to take good photos of my own head.