Losing Time

Time has really been getting away from me as of late

I sit down to do something and then turn around and *blink* it's three days later and everything is still only half done. The laundry sits in baskets for days, my planner is still sitting open on the table, and the garage door remote has yet to be programmed. But there's a baby who has suddenly decided to resume his nap in my arms

And bread to bake and long walks and trips to the park and new books arriving and

oh, is it Wednesday already? I've missed days on the #yarnlovechallenge and I really should work on finishing up my dad's Christmas present and never mind the fact that it is February and I'm still finishing Christmas presents but I really should get that done because he is visiting this weekend but first the upstairs needs vacuuming and I should put sheets on that bed but oh wait there's a shawl blocking up there or did I get around to that and . . . and . . . and . . .

And instead of doing any of this last night I gave the baby a bath and then had a glass of wine and cast on a Find Your Fade. Because let's face it. I'm too tired to get anything more than half-done anyway.