Baby Selfies

I'm sure I'm not the only parent of the smart phone era to discover the wonders of the baby selfie.

At first I was just using the front-facing camera on my phone to distract Pasha when he was tired of sitting for a while. He started hitting the front of the camera and laughing at himself which resulted in some pretty adorable photos. 

Then he started figuring out how to open the camera app (if you don't have a Samsung, you can open the camera from the lock screen without unlocking the phone). And that has resulted in all sorts of mayhem.

It really is keeping him entertained.

Of course now that he has started to pop some teeth he is doing more chewing than photographing, but it is a fun record of our life together. And yields some surprisingly insightful images.

I call this imitation of a blogger. Get ready. He's going to be the next internet sensation.