February Pattern Round-Up

Normally this is the time when I ask if you can believe that it's already the end of another month.

But this time I want to know if you can believe that it's been an entire year since I started this monthly pattern round-up series. I've had a lot of fun digging through all the amazing patterns that are published each month.

February Pattern Roundup.png

It occurs to me that I've never laid out my criteria for why I pick the patterns I do -- basically, I pick them because I like them (and knitting specifically because I don't crochet). But to narrow it down, I try to pick patterns that have a low number of queues when I stumble upon them. There are so many wonderful patterns that I want to highlight some of the ones that might not be getting the hits they should when they cross my path. I also try to only choose pay-for patterns. I know that there's a lot of controversy surrounding free vs paid patterns, but I personally try to buy patterns when I can because I want to support independent designers. And that's my third criteria. Unless it is a new publication I've started weeding out magazines. Some books make the cut if I just love the design, but for the most part I'm trying to stick to those patterns that are independently published and available online.

Here are just a few of those patterns that have caught my eye in February.


Going Steady.png

Going Steady by Kristen Jancuk

You guys know I love stripes, and the placement of these is just perfect. And in reverse stockinette no less! The color combination pops in such a way that I want to knit it in the exact same yarn and dye my hair blond again. That's not weird, right?


Miss Bracken by Annie Rowden

This is one of those lifestyle aspirational knits. This gorgeous sweater has me dreaming of moving somewhere that is below fifty degrees so that I can pull on something so cozy. Also, she has a previously published kid's version. If you live somewhere cold enough you can wear this I am so envious.

For the Head

Integrity by Kate Oats

Cabled hats never go out of style. And knit in fingering weight? Where do I sign up?

For the Neck

Allegany by Christina Danaee

Continuing with my daydreams of cold-weather living, this not-so-little lovely is a vision. It is a DK weight shawl, which means you get a lot more plaid for your effort. Plus it is rectangular so it can double as a blanket for outdoor summer concerts. I love the fact that Christina is highlighting the Appalachian region with this pattern collection.

For the Hands

No Deer in Chinatown by Kristen Kapur

Even if it wasn't appealing I had to look at this pattern just because of the name. But luckily it is also a really cute design. The stripes pair nicely with the quirky deer colorwork to give a lovely eclectic look.

For the Feet

Aguacero Panel Socks by Kerri Blumer

It's no secret that I don't have the attention span for an elaborately patterned sock, but I also get really bored with vanilla socks. This looks to be the best of both worlds. Kerri took a panel from her all-over patterned Aguacero Socks to create a pattern she says is a step-up from vanilla.


Cullen Earflap Hat by Julie Taylor

Baby hats are so cute. Add a pompom and earflaps and you're in for adorable-overload. It's never too early to prep for last-minute baby showers.

As always, there is no way I can highlight all of the amazing patterns that were published. Please tell me some of your favorites in the comments. And I've started creating Ravelry favorites bundles for each month. You can find February's here.