So even though it is deliciously warm these days

(deliciously warm? Seriously, who am I?), I did finish one final true winter item just in time to no longer need it -- my Onward shawl.

To recap, this is Onward by Shannon Cook knit out of Happy-Go-Lucky HGL Worsted in Salt Silo. The yarn was originally purchased for a cardigan, but I think it reached its true potential in this shawl. The white with blue and purple flecks matches pretty much my entire wardrobe, neutral without being boring. I've already picked out the pattern for a matching hat in my remaining yarn and have fond visions of myself wearing this while walking around the neighborhood with Pasha and Helo next winter.

This was my first worsted weight shawl and I must say that even though they are not a year round item here, I am a total convert. I've taken to keeping it in my car for the odd occasion that I find myself chilly and it has kept both Pasha and I quite cozy, doubling as a nursing cover in church last week.

Both the yarn and pattern gave a five star experience. Juri's yarn is a beautifully round and soft 100% merino. I am so glad I bought the sweater kit because it means I still have three skeins to play with (and that's after I knit Pasha's Elephant last week). I have several of Shannon Cook's patterns, but this is actually the first one I have knit and I completely understand her popularity. The pattern was super clear. There are no charts, but there is a nice note that once you get going things will become intuitive. And then they do and it becomes a comfort knit with just a bit of counting. I did not get it finished while we had our one snow last month, but it was the perfect thing to sit while curled up by the window with a mug of tea.

As much as I am enjoying our warm weather I am already looking forward to bundling up in this next winter. I might need to create an entire stash of worsted weight shawls to keep by the door for when I dash out to run errands or walk the dog. That wouldn't be overkill, right?