Baby Bugle

There's a weird stigma around Valentine's Day.

It seems to be so focused on romantic love that if you are not one of those couples who are disgusting on Facebook then there really is no place for you. But when I think of Valentine's Day I have much stronger memories of my mother than of romance. When I was a kid (and even when I wasn't) she would give us a Valentine's gift. Nothing big, but it was always a nice treat to start our day. And now it is the first Valentine's Day for my little boy, and the tradition lives on.

Bugle Title.png

Of course I decided on this with one day to go. Around 11am February 13 I cast on with the leftovers of Happy Go Lucky from my Onward Shawl and finished weaving in the ends around 10 that night. 

Bugle the Baby Elephant is my first Susan Claudino toy and I've got to say that if they are all this straight forward I'll be knitting a lot more. The legs and ears are all knit separately, but there's no sewing involved, so the attachment was quite easy.

This little guy is eyeless because my little guy eats everything, but I think he still looks pretty sweet.

Happy Valentine's Day!