So this time I have an older FO for you.

Not because I don't love it, but because A) I wasn't sure it was actually done and B) it was immediately stolen.

Originally I intended to have this Ridgeline set feature an orange pompom on the hat, but ultimately I think I am leaving it off. Pasha loves it and will actually wear it without a fight or try to pull it off, which is kind of a big deal when we're talking about toddlers.

All three colors are Twist FIber Studio in her Cumbria DK which I fished out of her 50% off bin at SAFF (I cannot for the life of me remember the colorway names right now). At the time I was a little skeptical (I knit the mitts first), but ultimately I like the My Little Pony pallet I ended up with. They match absolutely nothing in his wardrobe, but look exactly like what I think of when I imagine a precocious toddler. Especially since I can't get him to hold still for long enough to do more than throw the hat on, which means it stands up at all sorts of fun angles. The mitts themselves are actually too big ( knit the toddler size), but he wanted to put them on for photos anyway.

Ridgeline 2.png

This is the first project I've knit that requires using three colors in one row. I didn't notice this when I first looked at the chart, so by the time I realized and started to feel a little concerned I already had momentum on my side. It's not perfect, but I think they look alright. And I enjoyed the knit enough that I am contemplating a matching hat for Stormy and am keeping it in mind for future gifts.

Ironically it was cold when I started this project (which seriously only took me a weekend), but then the weather warmed up and Pasha stashed them in various parts of the house. It was 60 plus degrees yesterday, but as I write this Wednesday night we are having some sort of wintery mix. Maybe if I keep thinking about these and wishing hard enough I can get us some snow? Of course, then I probably need to get this kid to start wearing pants.