A Less Creative Holiday

I'm having a hard time feeling very creative these days.

Not because I'm not creating, but with Christmas fast approaching I am feeling the crunch on my holiday making. Last year I knit a gift for each of our immediate family members because we were buying a house, and by buying my supplies in bulk I was able to keep our Christmas expenses much lower than previous years. This year I just started buying presents earlier and vowed not to give handmade. Well, that worked for almost everyone, but turns out I just can't help myself. A few weeks ago I got a bug to make some sewn gifts for one family member, and then I decided to knit for another, and before you know it I've got several makes on the go.

Luckily I finished Pasha's holiday sweater (modeled photos to come), and there are no stockings to knit this year, so I think I'll have everything done in time.

Holiday 3.png

The other real damper on my creativity has been this pregnancy. I'm in the home stretch now and it's taking a toll on my energy. I'm tired all the time (shocker) and I can't sit at my sewing machine for long before my foot starts significantly swelling. The result is small progress on a lot of projects -- not really conducive to documenting or creating a sense of accomplishment.

Holiday Sewing.png

But it's not all bad. The upside of this need to rest is the increased amount of time I get to spend enjoying the holiday season with Pasha. He is obsessed with Christmas trees, demanding that ours be lit at all times and squealing with glee when he sees others at various locations around town. He was also quite excited that his favorite singer, Leslie Odom Jr, has a Christmas album. Yes, my one year old has a favorite singer, which might sound weird to other people but if that's the only way to keep him calm in the car, then by golly I will get all of Mr Odom Jr's albums.

In any case, hopefully come Christmas I'll have more interesting things to share with you. In the meantime, I hope you are having a lovely holiday season whatever you choose to celebrate.