More Socks?

Yes, more socks.

I seem to have some sort of illness in which all I want to knit are socks. And I want to knit them all the time. I mentioned this to my mom a few weeks ago and she said any time I wanted to make some for her she'd happily take them. And she was hand washing the ones she has as we were talking, so of course I had to cast some on for her immediately.

Mom mentioned that she'd love some blue or brown socks and my mind went straight to this skein of Stress Knits. In October I ordered a few one month clubs for my birthday and this was the skein that came for Stacey's Gilmore Girls club. The color is called "Where You Lead" and it feels very appropriate for a pair of mom socks. The contrasting heels, toes, and cuff are Junkyarn "Molly", leftover from a pair of socks and hat I knit for Pasha last year.

Gilmore Mom Socks.png

I don't even know how many pairs of Hermoine's Everyday Socks I have knit at this point, but it continues to be my favorite go-to texture pattern. I knit a ten row cuff and subbed in a short-row heel for the garter eye of partridge. Instead of my usual magic loop I knit these on dpns. I knit more loosely on dpns, and was knitting these over Thanksgiving (which we hosted), so it seemed a good way to counteract the holiday stress.

It's only two weeks until Christmas and I still have a wee bit of holiday making to go, but this sock mania does not seem to be going anywhere. You might want to stay back. I'm beginning to worry that it's contageous.