Tinker, Toddler, Silly Boy

You remember how when I was preparing for SAFF I suddenly remembered that Pasha was woefully short on knitwear?

I mean, he has a ton, but none that currently fit. So in a mad whirlwind I dove into the stash head first and came up with a gorgeous skein of Tanis Fiber Arts Green Label in Lotus. I had just completed a Woolly Wormhead pattern for myself and so went back to the well and landed on Tinker. Honestly I was swayed by the adorable child in the pattern photos.


Turns out I have an adorable hat model as well! Because we are a family of giant noggins I knit the 20 inch size, which the pattern specifies as the size of the average child. To clarify, Pasha is not quite 18 months old, but we've had all sorts of fun with sizing (see his Halloween outfit) thanks to the fact that his head and shoulders are large, his torso is long, but his waist is small. It makes for an adorable kiddo but quite a bit of frustration when trying to find things for him to wear (and I just know he will one day appreciate me sharing all of this with the internet).

I came up a tiny bit short in height (I finished the night before SAFF and was very distracted by Stranger Things), which I actually think works to my advantage. I'll probably block it at some point to give it more length to cover his ears, but this is the first time I've put anything on my kid's head that he has left alone. That in itself is a huge win in my book. As with every Woolly Wormhead hat I was completely charmed by the construction. This hat is worked in the round until you reach the desired length and then seamed across the top. The cables are intricate enough to keep you interested, but intuitive enough that I didn't have to be married to the pattern. And it really did justice to the tonal yarn.

Tinker 3.png

This was my first time working with Tanis Fiber Arts. It was super deep stash from one of their Boxing Day sales several years ago. I love the way it worked up and how smooth the yarn felt. It really made the cables pop.

Tinker 4.png

Overall? A great kid hat. I have the ebook the pattern comes from so I'll probably knit another for at least one of the boys before the winter is through. Who knows? Maybe they need matching brother hats.