Stepping Back In

*poke poke* Is anyone still here?

Oh guys, my life has been a true study of inertia lately. Or entropy, depending on your view (and here I thought I'd never use that class on Newton I foolishly took my last semester of university). Trying to find time to sit down and write devolved to trying to find time to explain to you why I needed to find time which devolved into trying to find the motivation to come back and tell you about why I needed to explain about finding time. Basically I went into a writing death spiral where I seemed incapable of actually sitting at my laptop.

Or, to put it another way, I am almost 30 weeks pregnant and I have an eighteen month old. 

Leaf Pasha.png

But ultimately I found that though I missed you, if I had to choose between creating things and writing about the things I created, I needed to do the creating. I spend so much time explaining things and keeping my brain engaged in what is going on around me (not my natural state), that I've craved time to just sit and knit, or sew, or just doze on the couch if I'm honest. We hosted Thanksgiving this year, which was lovely but required way more extroverting than I do on a regular basis.

And beyond even all of that is the fact that several of my current WIPs involve something I said I wasn't going to do this year -- online yarn purchasing.

L-R: Makers Haven, Suburban Stitcher, Stress Knits, Gracelynn Wool

L-R: Makers Haven, Suburban Stitcher, Stress Knits, Gracelynn Wool

I know, I know. I made it until September only buying yarn in physical shops or festivals and knitting in large part from stash. But then everyone started releasing their monthly clubs for October, my birthday month, and my resolve shattered. I got four clubs for my birthday, and that was supposed to be it, but it seems once the floodgates open there is no closing them. I've been a lot more restrained since, but there has definitely been a little more purchasindg in the month since.

But the good news is I am already putting it to good use, so that's a win of sorts. Right? Right.

Thanksgiving WIP.png