A Bit of Distraction

I've been a bit distracted lately.

I have yet to cast on Pasha's Ridgeline set even though it's getting quite cold around here for little hands and ears to run about without any woolly layers. I'm woefully behind on knitting the sweaters that I want for myself. And let's not even talk about Stormy's serious lack of knitwear. There is a pile of yarn on our table that keeps being moved from end to end depending on who is eating but never seems to get wound or cast on.

But, I feel I have a good excuse. You see, I've been sewing up a storm for the littles. Last week I finally broke out the walking foot for my machine and some knit fabric and sewed Pasha a pair of Maxaloones by Max and Meena. He's between sizes right now and finding pants that are not buttoned is absurdly hard. Toddlers who can't even use words don't need complicated pants! Jean buttons are not comfortable for anyone, let alone someone who is wearing a diaper all the time.

Pasha Leggings.png

Ok, rant over. Anyway. I sewed them up on Sunday while the boys watched a football game and he loved them. The pattern calls for a contrasting fabric circle on the bum, but I don't necessarily like the look for my kid, so I left it out and sewed a simpler version. I was so smitten with them that I sewed a second pair the following night.

Can you tell someone got a haircut this week?

Can you tell someone got a haircut this week?

I've made several things for Pasha since starting to master my sewing machine and this is the first time he genuinely seems to care about something I've made. My personal theory is that he is starting to have just a hint of an opinion about his clothes (he is only 1 after all), and like most of us he prefers comfort when possible. I made him three pairs before I turned my attention to his brother who, after all, will be born when it is still super cold and be in need of nice mommy-made clothes as well.

Stormy Baby Set.png

I might have gone a wee bit overboard. Pictured here are the Maxaloones, Bringing Home Baby Hat, and Dribble Lips Bandanna Bib, all from Max and Meena's pattern line. I have plans to make matching mitts as well because why not. 

The great thing about sewing is that it takes pretty much all of my brain as opposed to knitting which I can do while multi-tasking. This isn't a bad thing, but when I need a mom break sewing has become my go-to. And kid/baby projects are so fast! I have plans to make a few more things for Pasha, but most of my sewing will probably shift over to Stormy projects for a while with a few detours into cousin sewing because yes, my sister is pregnant so yes, I will torture them with matching outfits until they are old enough to protest. Because I may be the cool aunt, but I'm also the sewing mom and that's what we do.