A Little Short on Halloween

Happy November!

Here at Casa Geeky we are still recovering from the excitement that was Halloween. This is the first time we've lived in a neighborhood that did trick-or-treating and boy does our street do it up right. Our one neighbor has smoke and creepy things moving in their yard and another has a fire pit at the end of their driveway. We just sat on our front porch handing out candy to all the adorable kids until we actually ran out (Never thought that would happen). Because I'm a bit of a slacker mom this year we did not wear costumes, but I did make Pasha a pair of overalls for the occasion.

Breezy Romper.png

This is the Breezy Romper pattern by Puperita Patterns in Cotton and Steel's Little Monster print and a polka dot by Riley Blake. I started them back in September, but did not actually finish them before Oct 30th for reasons beyond my control. Why? Well . . .

Breezy Romper 2.png

Ok, for starters I loved making these and they were absolutely adorable on Pasha. He got comments all day on how sweet and festive he was. This was my first time working with snaps and I have to say I'm quite pleased with how they turned out. I ordered a variety set from KAM through Amazon and they were very easy to use. The bodice is lined with the polka dot fabric but I did not read the directions correctly for the strap placement, so they are the more traditional snap down style rather than the fold up style featured in the pattern.

Breezy Romper 3.png

Where I got hung up was in the crotch snaps. I bought snap tape rather than using the K2 snaps because it is an area that sees a lot more action and I wanted it more reinforced. However, turns out that my little dude, who measured in at the 12 month size when I cut the fabric, actually grew between the start and end of this project. Which is how I found myself on the night before Halloween sitting in my living room, watching Stranger Things, and hand stitching the snap tape in place. I know I could have used the machine but I wanted to have the snaps as close to the edge of the fabric as possible while still enclosing the raw edges.

Breezy Romper 4.png

The result? Well he looked cute, but every time I squatted down to play with something or his diaper got a little full the snaps would pop open. We made it work for the day but this was definitely a one time use outfit. I feel a little bad about that, but I got a lot of work on my stitching and hopefully Stormy or a future cousin will be able to rock them for a full October.

Happy Halloween.png