Still Sewing?

If you've been around these parts for a while you may wonder what happened to all of the sewing I was doing.

Back in Spring I was cranking pieces out and then once I got through my Summer Slump (yes, it needs capitals -- like The Plague) I started ramping up my creative output once again. But sewing never really caught on the way everything else did. What happened?

Well, I can give you a few excuses.

1) The reason I'm constantly giving -- I have a toddler. He's into everything and he screams for no reason than to see the look on my face as I try not to pinch his adorable little head off. There's just no sewing when dealing with this kind of little monster. There's almost no making dinner or cleaning or brushing my teeth.

2) I'm pregnant. Not really an excuse to dodge sewing, but the cutting of fabric and piecing together that I normally do spread out on the living room floor is a lot harder now. I have very crazy balance issues (shocker) and it hurts my knees/hips/back to crouch down like that for long periods of time.

3) Entropy. I haven't been sewing so it's easier to continue not sewing than it is to start.

4) I actually have been sewing and just didn't tell you about it.

This is true. This is all true. But I did make one project in the last month that has gone to its recipient so I can finally share it with you.

Trick or Treat Tote.png

Just a simple tote bag, right? Right? Then why did it make me so frustrated that Chris actually tried to take me away from my machine (despite the considerable weight gain I am still easier to wrangle than a machine he has no experience with). 

Ok, so there is nothing wrong with this actual product, just the brain that was trying to sew it together. August was my friend Taryn's birthday and since Halloween is her favorite holiday I always do some sort of Halloween themed item in her birthday package. This year Hawthorne Threads did a Haunted Tote kit, where they printed all the pieces and directions on one piece of fabric and you just cut and sew. Pretty cool concept, should be fairly straight forward.

WRONG! These directions were so clearly laid out that it was far too easy for my addled brain to wander while reading over them so that I sewed the straps on wrong not once, not twice, but four times. FOUR TIMES! First I sewed them on the top, which means when I sewed the lining they were inside the bag. Then I sewed them sideways. Then I don't even know what I did, all I know is that I had to rip those seams so many times.

But in the end I persevered, walked away from my machine, and haven't touched it since. But Halloween is coming and while I don't have our costume plans nailed down yet, I do have themed outfits to sew.

There are only so many years I have before my kids stop letting me dress them. I must make Halloween overalls while the sun shines.