Planning for SAFF

I've been going to SAFF on a regular basis for several years.

My mom and I have only missed maybe one in the past five or six years. Yet in all that time I have not approached the festival with any kind of plan. I go in with a budget and see what strikes my fancy as we walk around. This time, however, I have been much more restrained in my purchasing throughout the year, which means when I get there I want to hit the ground running.

SAFF Planning.png

My priority is sweater quantites from indie dyers who I cannot find in our area stores because, remember, I made a commitment to only buy yarn in person rather than online. And while I may have failed on that a bit (more on that another time), I am out of sweater yarn for both myself and the boys. 


Like everyone else I am completely smitten with Veronika by Jane Richmond. Before having Pasha my sweater knitting focused on pullovers, which I still love but largely find impractical when hugely pregnant or breastfeeding. I think this will be a perfect sweater to wear after Stormy is born in February and will be on the lookout for something in a neutral to hopefully elevate the exhausted mom wardrobe.

The other pattern I will be shopping for specifically is Ridgeline by Tin Can Knits. This is a three color hat and mitt set knit out of a DK yarn. I mentioned before that Pasha is out of knitwear that fits so I would like to make him a set. If I find a yarn I like that is affordable I would love to knit a set for Chris and myself as well.

Beyond these projects I have some other things in mind, but no specific patterns. I would like to knit myself a poncho (maybe All Points South?) because why not, and of course more sweaters (I'd love to knit Pasha an Eliot Hoodie). I won't say that I am definitely not buying any single skeins, but I have more than enough sock yarn so I am focusing on more complete projects. We'll see how it goes.

Do you go to festivals with a plan, or do you find leaving things open to be more your speed? If you are going/have gone to a yarn festival I would love to hear about any project specific shopping you did.