Portsmouth Upsidedown

While I may not have a sweater for SAFF I do have a new hat

which, let's face it, is much more weather appropriate.


Meet Portsmouth, part of Kat Riddell's Granite collection. I knit the Gorham two years ago and it is still one of my favorite go-to hats. There's something about a nice, single color textured hat that just fits perfectly with my wardrobe. This is probably the most basic from her collection and I love the way the differing blocks of knit and purl stitch create different pops of color in a more subdued variegated yarn.

Portsmouth 2.png

For this hat I used one of my most prized skeins of yarn, Leading Men Fiber Arts in The Upside Down. I bought it last  year and have hoarded it for a hat, waiting for the perfect time to cast on. Well what time is more perfect than October which continues to be the most magical month of the year because it brings us Stranger Things season two (the downside to going to SAFF is that I will be unable to binge watch for an extra week). I love this color so much I want a sweater out of it. It could, quite possibly, be my perfect grey. Because really, do I look like a solid grey kind of girl?

I would say that I'm pressing on with plans for a SAFF sweater, but at this point I need to take a step back and rethink my priorities. I have sweaters to wear. Pasha has outgrown all of his. So I see lots of toddler knitwear in my future.

We've only a week to go!