A Sweater for SAFF?

Last week I got this crazy idea into my head.

I've had Big Sister by Kate Oats in the all-but-cast-on stage for a while, which she just republished under her new design line, so I decided to go ahead and get that on the needles. It's my last sweater quantity (I KNOW!) in the stash and so I had put it off for a while. But I want the big cozy sweater to wear once Stormy gets here, so cast on I did. Suddenly I was gripped by this insane idea that I could have it done before SAFF.

Big Sister WIP 1.png

I blame the fact that Rhinebeck fever is in the air, so all the knitting blogs/podcasts/whatever are chatting about finishing their Rhinebeck Sweaters. I want to knit a big fun sweater for a fiber event. That sounds great! No, Faith it doesn't. Because you are not going to Rhinebeck, you are going to SAFF, which will inevitably be 70+ degrees if you knit a sweater. Because it is in North Carolina and Summer still has its grip on us.

Still I pressed on and was making great progress until we had a family bout of the stomach bug (on my birthday I might add), when the idea of picking up my needles just did not appeal to me. So now it's less than two weeks and I'm really short on time. There is no reason for me to continue trying to finish this before SAFF, for all the reasons above plus the fact I still need to finish Pasha's sweater for our family pictures which are the weekend after we get back. And I have Halloween sewing to finish. And I have a few hats on the go and a SAFF hat makes more sense anyway.

So there is no reason to call this my SAFF sweater, right?