It's Fundamental

So I started a project without telling you about it.

Not just any project -- a garment project. Last week I gave in to my need to cast on new things and in addition to Onward, I cast on an Agatha. The yarn has been kicking around in my stash for over a year with this project in mind, and the realization that both Andi's Selfish Sweater KAL and Katie's Andi Satt-Along are currently running was the kick in the pants I needed to get this on my needles.

As you can imagine, it is not the easiest knitting in the world to do with a rambunctious baby crawling around. This has been mostly relegated to nap time or after dinner knitting. Which is why I was so proud of the progress I had made when on Thursday I joined the fronts and back to knit the body of the sweater. Until I got to the waist shaping.

The numbers didn't work. I could not make the pattern make sense. I backed up to the beginning of the row and tried again. Nope. Still didn't work. So then I took to ravelry and poured through the finished objects and forum posts. No one seemed to have this problem. And what's more, the pattern under the arms did not look like my sweater. What could possibly be wrong.

Finally I got Pasha down for a nap and tried again. Then I did what I should have done to start with and counted. I was about 30 stitches short. THIRTY.

So I went back, actually read the pattern line for joining the pieces, and there it was. I had neglected to cast on for the underarms.

If you need me I'll be over here writing lines. "I will always read the pattern twice before knitting". No, that's a lie. Let's be honest. I'm reading Harry Potter.