Intentional Making

You guys know  I picked "intentional" as my word of 2017.

Seems I am not alone. As soon as I had selected and declared it suddenly I saw the word everywhere. I guess a lot of us are searching for more intentionality in our lives?

One thing I have been thinking a lot about is my wardrobe. I'm finally feeling like I might become a human again as we head into the last few months of Pasha's first year. He's looking more like a toddler and I've realized I am also looking like the mother of a toddler. I purged a large majority of my clothes over the summer, so much so that I think I have almost lived a Project 333 life without meaning to. But with moving and unpacking and organizing I found that not everything truly goes together. I wear a lot of tshirts and then jeans or leggings on a regular basis, but I don't really have accessories that match. When getting dressed for a walk on chilly days I end up with a hodge podge of color and texture as I head out the door.

So what's a girl to do when she finds herself feeling a little underdressed? She heads to the stash.

I bought this yarn over a year ago specifically for the Blowing Snow Cardigan. I wound it, cast it on, and then discovered I was pregnant and lost all my garment mojo. Since then it languished in the WIP pile until finally one night a few months ago I sat down and frogged it. I still love the cardigan, but it no longer cried out to me to be knit. And I just knit a white pullover, so it felt strange to knit another white garment when I have a baby who's favorite game is throwing mashed peas at mommy.

Finally it hit me. Before I could change my mind I grabbed my needles and cast on an Onward. I've always loved the look of worsted weight shawls, but I never knit them because it I'm going to buy that much worsted weight I often feel like I should just make a sweater. And normally I would not break up a garment quantity like this, but I have this idea that I can also make a matching hat and maybe mitts. Now of course in this fantasy I look like a hipster supermodel mommy and not one who just left the smashed avocado leftovers on her face to see if there were any skin benefits (if there were I didn't find them. Also we seem to really dig green food these days). And I don't know if we'll have another bout of freezing cold weather to justify such an ensemble, but here's hoping!