Oatmeal Bread Socks

You know how last week I said my feet were cold?

Well I decided the solution was obviously new socks. These were my Christmas Eve cast-on for 2016, but they had been languishing as diaper bag knitting since then. But then we had a snow storm and I could think of nothing better than sitting cozy in these socks.

Of course it warmed up again by the end of the week and is still pretty warm but I'm confident that I will have a reason to rock these with boots soon. In the meantime they make excellent house socks in the early mornings when our floor is still freezing cold.

I am completely smitten by these socks. They are an accidentally modified version of the Sweet Pie Socks by Jessica Gore. Accidentally because the pattern calls for an increased needle size for the charts but I cast on at my parents' house and had neglected to bring the extra needles. To compensate I did not do the patterning on the bottom of the foot during the chart. And then when I knit the leg chart my phone was charging and so I ad-libbed that as well. Oh, and I did a short-row heel rather than the gusset one called for. But the twisted rib cuff is totally to pattern. It is the one part of sock patterns that I usually modify but since these are so clearly winter socks I decided a tall cuff was the way to go. I finished it off with a tubular bind-off and could not be more pleased with the result.

If you look at my sock drawer and stash these socks are a bit of a departure for me. Normally I go for bright and variegated yarns, rather than solids. This yarn (Zealana Cozi) was sent to me from New Zealand in a swap and is not something I would typically choose for myself. But that's what makes it so great! I'm now fantasizing about more solid cozy socks to wear over leggings. And if they too could be made with New Zealand possum yarn then that much the better!

Hopefully having a finished object will inspire me to finish up some more languishing WIPs, but I wouldn't bet on it. There may be a shawl already making its presence known.