Friday Favorites: Knits of 2016

It's Friday, which means it is time for the second installment of my Friday Favorites series

in which I am rounding up some of my favorite things from 2016. Last week I looked at books but today we are switching gears and looking at finished objects.

Friday Favorite Knits Graphic.png

Ok, so before we start I have to confess that my Ravelry projects are way out of date. I've always prided myself on a current and well-documented project page, but that was not the case in 2016. You can pretty much pinpoint that at around May of last year. Wonder what could have caused that.

Anyway, the knitting.



These socks were a bit of a risk. The original pattern is a solid so that you can see the texture, but I knit them in Must Stash self-striping in the Rey colorway (side note, I wish I had gotten a full skein of this while it was available/before my only buy in person decision). I love a good anklet and I loved how the longer less predictable striping worked up in this pattern. These were one of my go-to pairs of socks all summer when I needed just a little bit of luxury in a world filled with no sleep and lots of baby puke. I have more 50 gram skeins of Must Stash Star Wars yarn and I might make another pair.



Believe it or not I only knit one garment for myself in 2016. This was highly unusual as I usually average six or more in a given year. But if I could only knit one I'm glad it was this one. I am super proud of myself for completing Ravellenics and for knitting a white sweater. And it's warm! I lived in it last weekend when we were snowed in.



I don't actually have a project page to link to for this one (or a good FO picture), but in October I was struck with an insane need to make a new hat to wear to SAFF -- three days before the event. Luckily Kat had just gifted me the pattern for Pasha and I had a skein of Lamby Toes kicking around wanting to become a hat. One of these days I swear I will get around to blocking it, but as far as hat knitting goes this was a ton of fun.


Color Affection

Affectionately known as the #welcometo2011kal, I started a knit along for this with my friends Maria and Kristen back in February. It was cold, I was pregnant and stuck at home, and I had always wanted to knit this shawl but never gotten around to it. I enjoyed the knitting, but even more I enjoyed the community aspect of it. We did not have an official KAL, but every time I wear it I am reminded of my wonderful friends and all the fun we had knitting together.


Hello Eggbert

I knit a lot for Pasha in 2016. The first six months of his life he had a new handknit to wear for his monthly photo. Despite all the knitting I did for him, my favorite is still the first thing I knit for him. Before we had told people I was pregnant and before we knew we were having a boy, Chris and I went to DC for my birthday. One of our last stops was Fibre Space in Alexandria, Virginia, where I picked up three skeins of Spud and Chloe Fine to make Pasha (then known as Eggbert) a coming home outfit from Kate Oat's New Guy collection. I'm glad I took such lovely photos when I finished it because when we were finally allowed to bring him home he had no interest in clothes of any kind. All my attempts a pictures when we left the hospital involve a very grumpy and angry baby.

New Project Type

Leaf Sprite

In September Pasha attended his first birthday party, and like the crazy mom I am I decided that he had to give the best gift. The little girl who was turning two is the daughter of a friend and part of an informal playgroup we were a part of over the summer. I had just received the first issue of Making and was completely charmed by Susan B Anderson's little pocket fairies. The color choice is a consequence of my stash and also the fact that I knew her mother would appreciate a racially ambiguous toy. Paired with a board book it was definitely a highlight of my knitting year and probably a new go-to gift idea.

What are some of your favorite knits of 2016? I would love to hear about them!